528 N 6th St

Initial Photos - Before Reconstruction

NEW Renovation of 1880 Carriage House

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Full three story structure with basement. this field-stone basement with brick upper levels required many repairs. Courtyard along with a 400 pound cast iron fence was rebuilt and re-designed. New roofing, foundation reseturcture, repair of falling beams and reconstruction of major portions of the exterior. Insterior work involved re-plumbing, wiring as well as cosmetic work on floors, walls and ceiling.

Home is now a beautiful, high-ceilinged three bedroom home with large living and dining room. Over 3,000 sq. ft in space, living area is about 2,300 sq ft.

Insured By John Yurconic Agency Fully Licensed PA 057038  
Fully Insured by John Yurconic Agency