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528 N. Sixth Street

This is fully refurbished Allentown Classic Mansion built in 1882 by William P Moyer on the edge of the Historic Allentown Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds extended between 5th and 6th Streets and from Tilghman Street north for eight acres.

Mr Moyer manufactured cigars in the 3 story 'Carriage House' behind the home. When the fairgrounds moved to 15th Street in 1889, Mr. Moyer purchased 35 acres of land across the street. Over the next nears he built and sold more than 200 homes in this area, essentially the entire 10th Ward of Allentown.

Approximate 5,774 sq ft in two structures. A single family dwelling that include a garage, workshop and Carriage House (915 sq ft), and a front mansion (4,807 sq ft) with two living units. Property is a few blocks from the new River District and downtown PPL Center.

Historic artifacts, such as wooden window shades and pocket doors, are protected so that the mansion can be easily restored in the future to its oringinal, single family magnificance.

Contains three living units with private and separate entrances.
Also encloses a quiet courtyard between the main building and carriage house:

  • 3 br, 1 1/2 bath, first floor unit approximately 1,358 sq ft
  • 5 br, 2 bath unit on 2nd and 3rd floors with separate entrance and an enormous 2,400 sq ft
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528 N 6th St