All are 6 ft. 6 in. high!   Total of 42 Linear Feet!
Sound Insulating!
We have seventeen (17) steel frame panels, sound dampening
office/room cubicle dividers for sale. Includes four (4) wooden Shelves

These are solid steel and are bracket bolted together. Very sound absorbent. All partitions are steel frame, interior insulated with light grey cloth outside. There are channels for electrical wiring along the bottoms for easy outlet installation.

Call or email if interested. Phone: (610) 462 - 0706
  Includes: Four - 30 " wide panels
Four - 42" wide panels
Seven - 24" wide panels
Two - 18" wide panels

Total of forty two (42) feet linear length.
Single wall Assembled
Desks: Wooden Desks included:
Two - 24" x 34" desks
Two - 24" x 48" desks
  Pick up only! Alburtis, PA
Just West of Allentown
6 1/2 feet high! Sound Insulated, sturdy walls
Cloth covered.
Perfect for office or room deviders
Wood worktop can be shelves or desks.
Base of each Panel.
Channel provided with access holes for electric outlets
as well as light, eithernet and sound wiring.
Bottom view. Thick steel braket for easy but sturdy assembly.
call (610) 462 - 0706 **  Pickup Only! **   Alburtis PA (Near Allentown) **